Are dentures right for me?

Dentures are a solution to missing, damaged, degraded, or loose teeth. These full or partial appliances are easily inserted into the mouth to provide the look and function of normal teeth.

However, getting dentures for the first time can be an intimidating process. Where should you go for consultation? What does the process involve and how long does it take? Are dentures actually the right solution for you?

At Bowden Dental, we provide the guidance and expertise to make the process of restoring your smile with dentures smooth and easy.

How to Know if You Need Dentures

Before asking about dentures, patients may notice some key signs relating to missing or moving teeth. Periodontal (gum) disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. When you lose a tooth, your jaw bone can become unstable from loss of bone mass, and your gums can recede. Both factors can weaken teeth on either side of the missing tooth, putting the remaining teeth at risk of decay. Patients should take note of tooth movement and look for redness, bleeding, or tenderness in the gums.

Severe tooth decay is another common precursor to dentures. Do your teeth frequently ache or hurt? When teeth decay past the point of functionality, their nerves may become exposed. If this happens, you’ll likely experience constant toothaches.

It’s also harder to chew with damaged teeth. Do you find yourself swallowing large pieces of food? Do you find that it takes you longer to finish a meal? Frequent indigestion can be an indication that you’re not chewing your food as well as you should be.

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, your next step should be to schedule an appointment with a dentist.

The Denture Delivery Process

First, you’ll need a consultation with a dental professional. During this scheduled appointment, your dentist will examine your teeth to determine if you’re a good candidate for dentures.

If the dentist and patient agree upon the treatment plan for dentures, the next step will be the removal of any unusable or impeding teeth to eliminate pain and clear room for the appliance. Using impression materials, the denture will be custom made to the size and shape of your jaw so it will stay in place and won’t cause discomfort.

With a conventional denture, you’ll need to wait until the gums have completely healed after extraction, which can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. There’s also the option of an immediate denture, which is designed to let the gums heal underneath the appliance.

After the denture is in place, you’ll need to come in for regular visits and adjustments when necessary. Your jaw will continue to change shape over time, so your dentures will need to be refitted to keep them comfortable. Your dentist will also monitor the overall health of your gums to ensure you don’t have any pain or infections.

At Bowden Dental, we have the skills and experience to provide you with the easiest, most comfortable denture experience possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and achieve the bright, strong smile you deserve.


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