Where Can I Get Dental Crowns Near Me?

Where Can I Get Dental Crowns Near Me?

Bowden Dental Can Help!

If you’re looking to cover up broken, misshapen, or damaged teeth, a crown is the perfect option. Even when damaged teeth seem to be broken beyond repair, we can help. With high quality crowns and our expertise, most tooth damage can be repaired.

How Does a Crown Work?

A crown is porcelain or gold that can be attached to an existing tooth or used to replace a missing one. Once molded in place, it’s identical to a normal tooth, and will restore your smile to top condition. They can also be used to reinforce the strength of teeth, fixing minor issues like chips and cracks. Crowns can also be used to fix constant pain in back teeth, which is commonly caused by small hairline cracks. Once applied, they’re durable, stable, and can be used like any normal tooth.

Dental crowns are safe and easy to get. All it takes is two visits to Bowden Dental. With the first, we’ll conduct a complete cleaning and shape the tooth so that the crown will attach easily. We’ll then apply a temporary crown that you can use until your second visit. On the second one, we’ll fix your tooth with the permanent crown and seal it in place. That’s it! No more hassle and nothing to worry about.

Why Bowden Dental?

We take pride in making your dental work invisible. Our dental practice is renowned for expertly applying crowns that are indistinguishable from normal teeth. This requires an eye for detail; we carefully mold a tooth that matches the others. We then use decades of dental experience to apply it with care and precision, perfectly blending it into your smile. We use only the finest porcelain and gold materials for our dental work, ensuring that your new tooth is strong and stable. And we’ll support you every step of the way with our comprehensive care. We’ll keep you informed, safe, and comfortable every step of the way.
Getting a crown can be fast, easy, and convenient. Contact Bowden Dental today and get started on your new smile.


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