Family Dentist in Flemington, NJ

Family Dentist in Flemington, NJ

If you are searching for a reliable, professional family dentist in Flemington, NJ, consider your search complete! Bowden Dental is here to serve all of your general and cosmetic dentistry needs. At Bowden, you can rest assured that it is your individual needs that will guide your care and that you will always be fully informed and involved in the decision-making process as we deliver excellence to keep your smile healthy.

Every smile needs routine maintenance, no matter your age. We provide dental health services for children and adults, prioritizing preventative care and routine teeth cleaning in order to ward off gum disease and cavities. For our youngest patients, we take a gentle, confidence-building approach to examining teeth and gums and encouraging good oral hygiene. We take x-rays as needed for young patients, and talk with both child and parent about forming and maintaining healthy habits at home.

Additionally, we offer a safe and effective dental sealant procedure to ward off cavities in children’s permanent teeth. Dental sealants are applied via a simple procedure in which a tooth-colored acrylic coating is painted onto the surface of the tooth. The benefits are immediate and lasting; the CDC reports that sealants “protect against 80% of cavities for 2 years and continue to protect against 50% of cavities for up to 4 years.”

If you are in need of general dentistry procedures, you will breathe a sigh of relief when you see how many treatments our family dentist practice in Flemington, NJ provides. From routine procedures such as fillings and crowns to more specialized interventions such as dental implants and extractions, your comfort and safety will be our first priority. We utilize state of the art dental technology to make each and every procedure as simple and successful as possible.

For many of our clients, any dental procedure can be intimidating, even anxiety-provoking. While pain management and minimization during and after all procedures is a priority we take very seriously, we also offer sedation dentistry for those who might benefit from the aid of medication to relax while undergoing procedures. We offer a spectrum of options, from nitrous oxide to sedation medication administered intravenously. Here at Bowden Dental, we have a board certified medical anesthesiologist perform IV sedation, so you can relax knowing that our professionals will keep you safe and comfortable.

Our family dentist practice in Flemington, NJ also offers a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures. Our menu of cosmetic treatments is comprehensive, and each option is designed to enhance your unique smile in a way that complements your natural features while comprehensively addressing problem areas. To resolve imperfections like chips, cracks, and discoloration, we offer restorative options such as bonding, porcelain veneers, and inlays and onlays; because each approach has its own unique benefits, we provide knowledgeable guidance to help you select the option that is best for you. We also offer tooth whitening–an excellent way to brighten your smile quickly, safely, and affordably. For those seeking a comprehensive intervention to address crowded or misaligned teeth, we offer clear braces which straighten teeth without the use of wires or brackets.

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