How to Protect Your Baby’s Teeth Pt. 2

How to Protect Your Baby’s Teeth Pt. 2

Protecting your child’s teeth doesn’t stop at brushing. Lifestyle choices and healthy routines are crucial to making sure your baby’s teeth develop into a healthy smile. Here a few of the must-know details to make sure your child’s teeth are properly protected.

Feeding Your Child

Food is the biggest area of risk for a child’s developing teeth. You’ll need to choose the right foods and feed your child properly to prevent tooth decay.

First, you need to be disciplined in giving your baby their bottle. Never put your baby to sleep with a bottle, as this can wear down their developing teeth as sugar and milk remain on them for hours. This is known as bottle mouth, and it can cause pits, discoloration, or even cavities on front teeth. To prevent this, you should only provide a bottle when holding your child. This also goes for sippy cups.

Infants should be given as much water as possible; not only does this contain no acidity, but the fluoride will help build up healthy enamel. One-year-olds should only be given water or milk between meals; juice and flavored drinks should be reserved for meals only.

A proper diet is crucial to the development of healthy teeth. You should make sure that you serve foods rich in calcium, fluoride, phosphorus, and vitamin C, among other vitamins and minerals. And of course, do everything you can to minimize the sugar in their diet. This can be difficult, but even just making sure that they only have sweets with meals can have a huge impact on their oral health.

Teaching Your Child Proper Oral Hygiene

At age two, when your child is learning how to brush, make sure your child is only using a pea sized amount of toothpaste, and teach them to spit properly. Always monitor any child younger than six when they brush. You want to instill proper brushing and flossing habits as early as possible to make sure they stick.

Your First Dentist’s Visit

Around their first birthday, you should take your baby to meet their new dentist. This is crucial for catching early cavities, making sure they’re receiving enough fluoride, and setting your long-term plan to keep your baby’s teeth healthy. You can also bring your child in early if you have any concerns.

Make sure you pick your dentist early, so that you have a trusted professional ready to begin protecting your baby’s teeth.

No matter how old your child is, a dependable dentist is crucial to ensuring proper oral care. We have the expertise and hands on care to ensure that your child’s teeth are protected from year one. Contact us today to protect your newborns smile for years to come.


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