Taking Care of Your Oral Health Over the Holidays

Taking Care of Your Oral Health Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration and indulgences. Many of us take time to visit with family and friends, travel perhaps, and distance the demands of work from our minds. It’s a terrific time of year to recharge and renew the bonds that we cherish, but it’s an unavoidable fact that the holidays will also challenge our healthy routines. Our sleep, eating, and exercise patterns will all be a little off kilter, and our oral health is no exception. Take proactive steps to protect your oral health this holiday season with these three tips.

Holiday Healthy Teeth Tip #1: Travel-Size Shopping Spree

If the holidays will find you traveling to visit family and friends this year, plan ahead to make sure your oral health routine doesn’t suffer by stocking up on travel-sized favorites. Treat yourself to a new travel toothbrush and case, mini toothpastes, and travel-size floss (or a small pack of flossers), and pack them in your toiletry bag. If you won’t be traveling but will be attending holiday parties, you can just as easily keep a travel brush and toothpaste in your briefcase or purse. Setting yourself up for success will be easier when you’ve invested a few bucks in replenishing these important parts of your daily oral health toolkit.

Holiday Healthy Teeth Tip #2: Plan in Some “Me Time”

We are so anxious to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones that we sometimes forget to set aside some time for ourselves. Whether you will be staying with family or friends or hosting at home, it’s important to carve out a few minutes each morning and night to take care of yourself. Five minutes for brushing, flossing, and other wellness tasks won’t rob you of precious time with loved ones, but it will keep your smile healthy and your spirits bright even after the holidays have ended.

Holiday Healthy Teeth Tip #3: Everything in Moderation (Including Moderation)

Throughout the holiday season, we are confronted with tempting snacks and sweets. There is no reason to deny yourself these treats; they are part of why the holidays are so special. Instead of guilting yourself into eating small and longing for the good stuff, give yourself permission to enjoy, but balance your indulgences in two ways. The first and best way is to try to brush as soon as possible after enjoying sweet treats. If this isn’t possible, drink plenty of water and chew sugarless gum to encourage saliva production, which helps prevent bacteria buildup that can lead to decay.


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