How to Improve Your Dental Hygiene Routine

How to Improve Your Dental Hygiene Routine

A person’s smile is one of their most unique and defining physical characteristics. No two sets of teeth are ever the same. Our dental health affects us in so many ways, including our self-confidence. Unfortunately, maintaining optimal dental hygiene can at times be a daunting task, which is why we’ve provided some key insights on how to improve your daily dental health routines and the importance of following them consistently. Adhering to these practices will not only improve your smile today, but could also prevent significant issues in the future.

Invest in an Electric Toothbrush

Although this may seem like common knowledge, the importance of investing in an electric toothbrush can’t be overstated when it comes to preserving your long-term dental health. There’s simply no comparison for how much more effective they are than a manual brush. To put this in perspective, an electric brush can execute up to 30,000 strokes per minute, while a manual user can only complete 300 in the same time span. These devices are also helpful in ensuring that we brush our teeth correctly and for the optimal amount of time. Because they’re so much more effective at eliminating plaque and applying the ideal degree of pressure, electric toothbrushes provide a great way to improve your overall dental hygiene at a relatively low cost.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t spend some time discussing the value of regular flossing. Despite the impassioned pleas from dental professionals across the country, only 30% of Americans floss their teeth on a daily basis. The reality is that while life can sometimes become hectic and busy, neglecting this crucial aspect of your daily hygiene is something that will only hurt you down the road. What many fail to understand is that flossing is an incredibly effective preventative measure, as it allows us to remove harmful bacteria that ultimately becomes plaque, and if left untreated, tartar. By making flossing a daily part of your routine, you give yourself the best odds at preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

Teeth Cleanings

Although this may vary depending on your individual circumstances and dental health, getting your teeth cleaned by a professional every six months, or at least once per year, should be a personal goal that everyone should try to maintain. While following a consistent daily routine of brushing twice a day is vital to the longevity of your teeth, there is simply too much plaque and bacteria for anyone to fully deal with on their own. Not all of us are in a position to obtain dental insurance, but you should try to invest the funds for a yearly cleaning if at all possible. Studies indicate that those who don’t get their teeth cleaned were almost two times more likely to contract bacterial pneumonia than those who made the annual pilgrimage to the dentist office. Our dental health professionals at Bowden Dental are at your disposal to provide you with the highest level of care for all your dental needs.


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