Healthy Dental Routines Every Philadelphian Should Adopt

Healthy Dental Routines Every Philadelphian Should Adopt

Don’t let Photoshop fool you. A picture-perfect smile is hard work.

Many people are prone to poor dental health because of environmental and genetic factors. To keep teeth white, it can be a lifelong challenge. For instance, pearly whites for one person could mean refraining from coffee, but to another person, it means flossing in the morning and again right before bedtime.

Here are just a few habits every Philadelphian—yes, everyone living in Philadelphia—can integrate into their dental hygiene routine.

Seriously, you need to floss

I know, it sounds really simple, but you’d be surprised how many people skip this overemphasized step.

You can never go wrong with fluoride

Swap out your budget toothpaste and mouthwash for products with fluoride. Trust us, you’ll want that extra added layer of protection against cavities.

Change your toothbrush often

Don’t get caught with a months-old toothbrush collecting bacteria when you’re not looking. Many companies offer convenient toothbrush subscriptions, so that every number of weeks, you can receive a brand new toothbrush in the mail.

If you’ve adopted all of the above steps, but are still unsatisfied with your smile, call our Philadelphia office and book a consultation appointment. Don’t hold yourself back from the gorgeous smile you want. Let’s work together to achieve your dental dreams!


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