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Taking Care of Your Oral Health Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration and indulgences. Many of us take time to visit with family and friends, travel perhaps, and distance the demands of work from our minds. It’s a terrific time of year to recharge and renew the bonds that we cherish, but it’s an unavoidable fact that the holidays will

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Ideas to Protect Sensitive Teeth

If you experience sensitive teeth, you know just how difficult it can be to enjoy everyday things like a warm cup of coffee or tea or even a sweet treat. Usually, tooth sensitivity is the result of worn down enamel. While you can’t exactly restore this enamel, there are steps you can take to reduce

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Bleaching Your Teeth Safely

The demand for tooth whitening products has never been so high, and consumers’ options are broader than ever. If you’re hoping to brighten your smile but not sure where to start, read on. Before You Bleach In advance of any whitening treatment, it’s essential that you establish a regular checkup and cleaning habit at your

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The Impact of Smoking on Teeth and Oral Health

If you’re one of the millions of Americans working on kicking a cigarette habit, here is one more reason to keep it up: your oral health. Many patients wonder whether smoking cigarettes, or quitting, can really have that big of an impact on your teeth and gums. The answer? A resounding yes. Smoking and Tooth

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Do I Really Need to Floss?

Flossing is one of those habits that can be tricky to incorporate into your daily life. Often, our patients are skeptical about whether they really need to be going the extra mile to make sure they floss regularly. Despite some controversy surrounding the issue, we’d like to offer a resounding yes to the question of

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The Best Foods for Dental Health

Often, patients express concerns about how to mind their dental health throughout their busy day. The fact is that even disciplined brushers cannot keep a toothbrush handy all day long. But one thing that everyone can do is eat foods that benefit dental health in that long stretch between morning and evening brushing. Read on

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How to Select The Right Kids Toothpaste for Your Child

Is your child old enough to use a fluoride toothpaste? Are you unsure of how to choose the best toothpaste to keep them healthy and safe? If so, read on! First of all, why does tooth brushing matter so much for kids? It matters tremendously, as oral hygiene at a young age is one of

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Three Signs You Need a New Dentist

Finding the right healthcare provider is a challenge for us all, which is why it can be torturous to make the decision to seek out a new one when you’ve been going to the same place for so long. But the fact remains that sometimes, it’s the healthiest choice for you and your family. If

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How to Improve Your Dental Hygiene Routine

A person’s smile is one of their most unique and defining physical characteristics. No two sets of teeth are ever the same. Our dental health affects us in so many ways, including our self-confidence. Unfortunately, maintaining optimal dental hygiene can at times be a daunting task, which is why we’ve provided some key insights on

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Healthy Dental Routines Every Philadelphian Should Adopt

Don’t let Photoshop fool you. A picture-perfect smile is hard work. Many people are prone to poor dental health because of environmental and genetic factors. To keep teeth white, it can be a lifelong challenge. For instance, pearly whites for one person could mean refraining from coffee, but to another person, it means flossing in

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